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America’s Next Top mã sản phẩm sees a bevy of beauties compete to lớn be the next catwalk sensation, but who took part in season 23 và which wannabe model won?


Here’s a recap of every contestant who competed in America’s Next Top model 23, plus which wannabe model won the season. Reality TV series America’s Next đứng đầu Model does exactly what it says on the tin, bringing together gorgeous hopefuls from across the USA who compete against each other lớn become the next catwalk sensation. Created by supermodel Tyra Banks, the show debuted back in 2003 và has since aired a further 23 seasons.

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Each season of America’s Next top Model sees a bevy of beautiful wannabe models take part in a series of photoshoot and runway-themed challenges và have their modeling talents judged by a panel made up of fashion luminaries that have included the likes of OG supermodel Twiggy (The Blues Brothers), fashion photographer Nigel Barker & former Vogue editor-at-large André Leon Talley. Contestants are eliminated week by week until just the lucky winner remains who typically receives a spread in a fashion magazine, a contract with a đứng top modeling agency và a cash prize.

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Although America’s Next đứng top Model was cancelled by The CW in 2015, the reality TV series was soon revived by new network VH1 which premiered its twenty-third season the following year. British singer Rita Ora took over hosting duties from Tyra Banks & the season featured a revamped judging panel that included mã sản phẩm Ashley Graham, MAC Cosmetics creative director Drew Elliott & celebrity stylist Law Roach. Read on for a rundown of every contestant who took part in America’s Next Top model 23, from the first khổng lồ be eliminated through lớn the eventual winner.

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Justine Biticon

Cherish Waters

Giah Hardeman

Krislian Rodriguez

Kyle McCoy

Binta Dibba

Marissa Hopkins

Paige Mobley

Tash Wells

Cody Wells

Courtney Nelson

CoryAnne Roberts

Tatiana Price

Winner: India Gants

Justine Biticon – hailing from Panorama City, California – was the first contestant voted off during season 23 of America’s Next đứng top Model, swiftly followed by fellow Californian Cherish Waters. By the final episode of the season, just three contestants – CoryAnne Roberts, Tatiana Price và India Gants – remained with the latter being crowned the twenty-third winner of America’s Next top Model. Gants took home a cash prize of $100,000 alongside landing a Rimmel London commercial, an editorial in Paper Magazine and a talent deal with VH1.

While the reality series went on lớn air another season on VH1 after America’s Next Top mã sản phẩm 23, the future of the show could be in jeopardy. Tyra Banks is keen to vì chưng at least one more season, but there hasn’t been any word from VH1 regarding the show’s renewal since season 24 aired in back in 2018.