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In gọi Me By Your Name 2, filmgoers can expect to see Timothée Chalamet"s character fall in love with an older Frenchman in late 1990s Paris.

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Fans of Timothée Chalamet have a double dose of good news as Warner Bros. UK recently released a teaser trailer for Bones và All, a romantic cannibal road trip movie that reunites the fledgling movie star with director Luca Guadagnino, who made the actor an Academy Award-nominated leading man back in 2017 with Call Me By Your Name. On vị trí cao nhất of this, Guadagnino expressed his desire khổng lồ make a Call Me By Your Name sequel with Chalamet, who has frequently expressed interest in such a project.

But rather than labeling it as a sequel, Guadagnino would prefer to call it by another name. During an interview with IndieWire at the Telluride Film Festival, promoting Bones & All, the Italian director said, “A sequel is an American concept.” Guadagnino wants khổng lồ make “... The chronicles of Elio , the chronicles of this young boy becoming a man.” Who, then, will write this sequel that isn’t a sequel, the so-called “Chronicles of Elio”?

Filmmaker James Ivory, the legendary right-brain of Merchant-Ivory Productions who won a Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for his work on André Aciman’s 2007 novel of the same name, said he would not return to lớn pen a Call Me sequel. In 2018, Ivory told The Film Stage, “I can’t imagine having to lớn make Timothée Chalamet look 45. I mean, that would be horrendous & so giả looking if that’s what they are going to lớn do!” Ivory’s comments were in solidarity with the Call Me By Your Name novelist André Aciman who was also opposed to lớn a sequel at the time. But just one year later, Aciman released a sequel novel entitled, Find Me (2019), much khổng lồ the delight of both Guadagnino và Chalamet, but not necessarily literary critics.

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Even if Ivory had expressed interest, he is currently ninety-four years old, making the chances of his involvement pretty slim. Ivory or no Ivory, Guadagnino is more likely to make an adaptation of André Aciman’s sequel novel Find Me than to lớn commission a screenwriter lớn write an original screenplay. In order lớn preserve the Merchant-Ivory magic in the Call Me By Your Name film adaptation, there will have to lớn be cuts from Aciman’s sequel novel Find Me similar to lớn those which Ivory made from Aciman’s original novel Call Me.

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In Find Me, Aciman brings readers back into the lives of the main characters from Call Me By Your Name with four episodic love affairs split into chapters of varying length. In the first & longest chapter Samuel Perlman (the father character played brilliantly by Michael Stulhbarg in Call Me) takes a train from Florence to lớn Rome. En route lớn visit his now-adult son, Elio, who has become a career classical pianist, Samuel has an affair with a much younger woman, Miranda, whom he meets on the train.

Another chapter concerns Oliver (played by Armie Hammer in Call Me), now a family man and professor, still living in New England but dreaming of a return trip to Europe. At a party, Oliver flirts with a man và a woman, who, if combined into one person, he believes would địa chỉ up khổng lồ Elio. The final & shortest chapter features Elio và Oliver back together, raising Samuel & Miranda’s child, meaning that Elio is raising his half-sibling with his older lover from many years ago.

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It is almost certain that none of these chapters will make the cut in a film adaptation. Ivory would easily cut all of these out since he already cut similar episodic chapters from Aciman’s book Call Me By Your Name, including a similar ending from the first book. In an interview at TIFF in 2018, James Ivory said:

“... The first thing that I did Call Me screenplay>... I told Luca ...‘I don’t wanna have the ending of the book. I want to kết thúc the story at the height of emotion và feeling in the story. I don’t wanna move on to twenty-five years and come back lớn these characters who were then sort of raking over the ashes of their first love.’ I thought that that was kind of a downer.”

So if three out of the four chapters from the novel Find Me are likely to lớn be scrapped by Guadagnino to preserve the Merchant-Ivory magic of the first film, what is left from the sequel novel for the filmmaker khổng lồ put up on screen?

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In the second chapter of Find Me, the reader finds Elio some time after his time in Rome, now living in Paris, where he meets Michel, an older and attractive Frenchman, during intermission at a chamber music concert. The two quickly size a bond over a shared love of classical music that was given lớn them by their fathers, who both taught them music. Only a couple of hours after the concert, Elio finds himself playing the same kinds of flirtatious games with Michel that he once played with Oliver.

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“You’re blushing,” said.

“No, I’m not.”

gave an amused, disbelieving glance from across the table. “Are you sure?”

thought for a few seconds and then gave in. “I guess I am, aren’t I?”

was young enough khổng lồ hate being read so easily, especially during an awkward silence with someone who was close lớn twice age, but was sufficiently grown-up to welcome having a blush say something was reluctant lớn disclose. Then looked at .

“You’re blushing too,” said.

“I know.”

(Aciman 121).

That little dialogue scene alone could begin the trailer for a film adaptation of Find Me. The odds are that the second chapter of the book, which runs roughly 90 pages (feature-length screenplays have been adapted from far less), is the film that audiences might actually be seeing in the coming years: Elio and Michel, falling in love in late 1990s Paris, the classical music, the fatherly nostalgia.

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Expanding Find Me’s second chapter into an entire film would kill two birds with one stone. The narrative replacement of the Oliver character with Michel would effectively cut Armie Hammer out of the picture. This is a bonus for Guadagnino and any cancel-wary producers who would be fighting an uphill battle in selling Find Me with Hammer’s name on the poster, especially since Guadagnino recently pleaded for the public to lớn stop comparing the fictional cannibalism in his upcoming film, Bones và All, with the bizarre cannibal allegations against Armie Hammer; a subject which is to lớn receive a film adaptation of its own in the upcoming ID và Discovery+ true crime special, House of Hammer.