Rumor: the legend of zelda ocarina of time could be coming to the nintendo switch

A Nintenvì chưng trademark renewal & upcoming Zelda anniversaries fuel speculation that an Ocarina of Time re-release is on the way for the Switch.

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the legend of zelda ocarimãng cầu of time switch rumor
A new rumor making the rounds online is that Nintenvị plans on bringing its classic game The Legkết thúc of Zelda: Ocarimãng cầu of Time to the Nintenbởi Switch. This rumor seems to lớn stem from Nintenvị renewing the Ocarimãng cầu of Time trademark in Australia & Europe, fueling speculation that the company plans on releasing something new related to lớn the critically-acclaimed Nintendo 64 game.

Trademark renewals happen all the time and usually don"t mean much. Most of the time, trademark renewals are simply Clip game companies protecting their IPs, & so fans shouldn"t get their hopes up that this means anything Ocarina of Time-related is on the way for the Switch. That being said, there are a couple of big Zelda anniversaries coming up in 2021, và so it wouldn"t be all that surprising to lớn see Nintenvì re-release arguably the most beloved game in the series.

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For one, 2021 marks the 35th anniversary of The Legover of Zelda franchise. Nintenvày is rumored to be celebrating Super Mario"s 35th anniversary this year with the release of a 3D Super Mario collection, so who"s to say it won"t give Zelda the same treatment in 2021? Of course, Nintenvị has yet khổng lồ actually confirm that the 3D Super Mario collection exists, but it has been leaked by credible sources, including known industry insiders và even Amazon.

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Meanwhile, the other big Zelda anniversary coming up in 2021 is the 10 year anniversary of The Legover of Zelda: Ocarimãng cầu of Time 3D for the Nintenvì chưng 3DS. Considering this, it seems like there would be no better way lớn celebrate than by releasing an Ocarina of Time remaster for Switch in 2021, with Ocarimãng cầu of Time 3D"s enhanced visuals & other new features in tow.

Then again, Nintenvày may not want lớn re-release classic Zelda games và instead focus on releasing the next big game in the series. The Legkết thúc of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 has been in active development for quite some time, with some rumors pointing khổng lồ it being even farther along in development than previously believed. One could argue that releasing a br& new Zelda adventure khổng lồ celebrate the franchise"s 35th anniversary makes more sense than re-releasing older games, so maybe the Switch"s big 2021 game will be Breath of the Wild 2.

That being said, Nintendo has been pretty secretive about its upcoming releases. However, there are rumors that a Nintenvày Direct is planned for some time this month, so maybe more clarification will come then. But while such a Direct may showcase the company"s holiday 20đôi mươi games, fans shouldn"t expect it to reveal any information on its 2021 plans.

The Legkết thúc of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is available now for the Nintenbởi 64.

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