Vitamin e hydrating toner


You can always count on a toner to lớn remove any last bit of impurities or dirt which are hesitating khổng lồ get off with a face wash or a cleanser alone. Toners are also known for improving the appearance of skin và tightening pores. Today, I shall reviews my current favorite toner- The body toàn thân Shop vitamin E Hydrating Toner. Keep scrolling down to find out all about it!



For Women/Men: Women

Shelf life: 3 years

Color: Transparent

Fragrance: Floral, mild

My Experience

This toner has been a lifesaver for the dry areas of my skin (I am a combination skin type)! I use it thrice a week after I wash my face and before I put on my moisturizer. I love the watery consistency- it absorbs quickly and leaves me feeling hydrated & fresh! 

My skin is starting lớn have a natural glow even when I am not using the product. It makes my skin feel very soft and supple every after usage. I have also noticed that it has been improving my skin texture.

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I love the overall skin improvement that this toner has helped me khổng lồ achieve. If you have second thoughts about purchasing it, this is your cue to buy it right now!


How to lớn use The body Shop vi-ta-min E Hydrating Toner?

Put a few drops of the toner on a cotton pad and swipe it on your face. You must ensure applying the toner on a clean face. You can also use your hands for application but make sure that they are washed properly.

When khổng lồ use The body toàn thân Shop vi-ta-min E Hydrating Toner?

After you wash your face with a face wash/cleanser as part of your skincare routine.

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Comes in a purple-pink plastic bottle with a flip-open cap.

Pros và Cons of The toàn thân Shop vitamin E Hydrating Toner


Money’s worthHydratingGentle on skinMakes skin glowGood for dry và dull skin



Final Verdict

Bid goodbye lớn dull và dry skin with this toner!Our ratings: 9.5/10Price: INR 895 for 250 ml

Where lớn Buy

Online/Offline stores

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