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A representative from MBC‘s “We Got Married” shared, “In addition to song Jae Rim & Kim So Eun, Henry & Yewon will also be leaving the show around the middle of June.

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Since an episode was cancelled for one week we don’t know the exact date for their last episode yet.”After the two couples leave the show, new couples are planned khổng lồ join. Auditions for the new couples have been completed và filming has already started. Apparently, there will be an idol singer & an actor among the new members.Henry & Yewon joined “We Got Married” in March & are leaving after three months of being on the show.
Apology Letter to lớn Henry, WGM Producers & Fans, và Lee Tae Im
"Hello, this is Yewon. It took a long time for me lớn be able to write this letter, so I don"t know how I will address my apologetic heart.

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At the time, it was my first time being involved in such a big issue and there were many others who were depending on the words I"d say, so I wasn"t able to lớn make an official personal statement so easily."I"m even careful about each letter that I"m writing in this message, as well. Even though it"s late & incoherent, I gathered the courage to lớn write this letter. Honestly, I was so scared and it was so hard khổng lồ face someone while filming "We Got Married"; there were so many times that I just wanted to quit."However, I thought that it was irresponsible of me to lớn quit on the "We Got Married" producers, staff members, & Henry just because I was having a hard time when they have been guiding an insufficient me, so I worked really hard và thought that it was the best that I could do."I apologize lớn the representatives who were affected because of me. I am also very apologetic towards Henry who worked really hard và has been very helpful as my partner. Also, I want to genuinely apologize lớn the viewers who were uncomfortable watching me và apologize for disappointing the people who have been supporting me."Lastly, I deeply apologize for my immature actions lớn Lee Tae im sunbae-nim, who probably had held onto her dream longer than I had, for not having been sensible when it came lớn social life during "Tutoring Across Generations" filming." Source: Soompi (1)(2)Maybe if Henry wasn"t so irritatingly touchy all the damn time Jesus and er, if we all act lượt thích Yewon"s scandal never happened...