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Halong cất cánh in Vietnam was first recognized as a World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994. The majestic landscape of the bay is created by more than 1,600 limestone islands, each topped with thick jungle vegetation. Several islands are hollow, with enormous caves, other islands include lakes that are the result of tectonics happening millions of years ago on the emerald green waters. Due to Halong Bay’s superb beauty, it attracts millions of tourists coming to lớn discover yearly.

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Besides the natural scenery, there are many other interesting destinations và nightlife for tourists khổng lồ come to lớn chill out when paying a visit to Halong Bay. Lớn have a complete Halong bay discovering journey, read on below lớn know about the best nightlife in Halong Bay, where lớn go, what to do.

1. Royal International Gaming Club Casino

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Casino is a special kind of business in Vietnam. Even in the past, it had been prohibited for a long time. Until recently, some casinos were opened to serve only tourists & Royal International Gaming Club is one of only five casinos in Vietnam, which was opened second in 2003.

Royal International Gaming Club plays an important part in making Halong cất cánh one of the ultimate in big Southeast Asia tourist center. Located in the Royal International Gaming Club, hotel & spa làm đẹp Resort, a leading luxury resort in Halong, the casino has 7250 square meter floors with 4 floors featuring 70 slots and 18 table games. The first floor is a gambling hall only opening on weekends while slot halls on other floors open 24 hours every day. The casino offers famous & popular games for tourists such as baccarat, blackjack, roulette, sic bo, poker and so on.

Location: No 1, Bai Chay beach, Halong, Vietnam

2. Staying Overnight on Board


An interesting experience not lớn be missed in Halong bay that is strongly recommended by tourists is staying overnight on board. However, if you tend khổng lồ stay overnight on board, I strongly recommend you choose Bai Tu Long cất cánh rather than Halong cất cánh because Halong cất cánh is always full of boats even at night.

Bai Tu Long is a small bay that is adjacent to lớn Halong Bay and it is less crowded, quieter và more beautiful than Halong Bay & is widely regarded as an ideal place khổng lồ stay overnight on board by tourists. There are a lot of tour operators offering exciting overnight cruises now that you can search easily on the mạng internet such as Indochina Junk, the first company to sail in this area. Two days a night tour in Bai Tu Long bay of Indochina Junk is popularly suggested by travelers because of its funny itinerary.

On the first day, you pay a visit to lớn Halong cất cánh by boat, go kayaking, sailing, swimming. At night, you stay overnight on board to lớn go squid fishing in the middle of the night & process right away lớn enjoy the freshness of ingredients. On the second day, you visit Yen Duc float village to see water puppet shows and Vietnam’s traditional art forms.

3. Bai Chay Bridge

(Photo: oceanair travels)

Bai Chay bridge plays a crucial role in promoting Halong’s tourism closer to a lot of tourists, creating a breakthrough in tourism when connecting two important parts of Halong city: Hon tua district và Bai Chay district by crossing Cua Luc Bay. When completed, the bridge is the pride of people in Halong because it is the first cable-stayed bridge in Vietnam built with leading modern construction architecture at that time. Besides, the bridge also mix a world record for the main span’s length. Thanks to lớn slender shape, Bai Chay Bridge becomes a unique, outstanding, and romantic architectural feature to adorn Halong Bay’s beauty in particular và Quang Ninh province in common.

Looking up from the bay, so magnificent and splendid beauty of the bridge is that it quickly becomes a not to lớn be missed destination and the symbol of the city. From Bai Chay Bridge, visitors can take a panoramic view of Halong city as well as a wide part of Halong Bay. The scenery of the bay seems much more majestic on being viewed from the bridge. Halong Bay’s discovering journey will be much more memorable if tourists have a chance to lớn set foot on this bridge.

4. Visit Night Market in Halong


For numerous tourists paying a visit to lớn Halong thành phố who want khổng lồ buy something special as presents for family or friends, Night Market is the best choice not to be missed. There are many quality souvenirs for sale tourists can consider such as necklaces, accessories made of seashells, snails, wooden small boats or T-shirts with images of Halong cất cánh printed on. Most people selling here are efficient in English và friendly so tourists can bargain when buying or having an interesting chat with them to know more about culture, society, useful tips for the trip as well, where to lớn go, what khổng lồ do. Halong night market daily opens from 6:00 pm until midnight.

Location: Ben Doan street, Hon gai ward

5. Eat Night Street Food

(Photo: Lolivi)

khổng lồ have the best nightlife in Halong, you can not miss eating night street food. The place lớn enjoy eating Halong night street food is also in the night market, too. Be a sea thành phố so there are many choices in fresh seafood for tourists such as dried squids, shrimps, oysters seafood noodles & so on. The price is affordable and you can enjoy all the street food there at only about 500.000 VND.

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6. Have Fun in Bai Chay Seaside Bars


For tourist cities, besides beautiful majestic natural scenery, entertainment places play an important part in attracting and keeping tourists’ feet. In Bai Chay beach, there are many seaside bars và pubs for foreign tourists. Having fun in Bai Chay seaside bars now is a popular choice recommended by a large number of tourists to lớn have the best nightlife in Halong.

A common feature of bars in Bai Chay beach is toward the sea so visitors can see the sunrise and sunset with the view from bars. Lượt thích other bars, when coming to Bai Chay seaside bars, tourists will enjoy Halong specialties: dishes made from seafood, drink a menu of famous wines & chill out in vibrant music.

7. Visit Sun Wheel to lớn Contemplate the cất cánh at Night


Sun Wheel is a construction inaugurated with Sun World Halong Complex in Halong by Sun Group in 2014. From then on, it becomes a well-known destination for tourists lớn contemplate the cất cánh at night.

Sun Wheel in Halong is one of the two biggest and highest wheels in Vietnam, the other is Sun Wheel in da Nang and both were built by Sun Group. With the utmost outstanding height (215 meters from the surface of the seawater, the diameter is 115 meters long), from the wheel, tourists will have a panoramic view of Halong Bay, Bai Chay Bridge, Cua Luc River before flowing into the sea. What a magnificent view!

On account of this reason, the wheel area is always crowded with person rows waiting to buy wheel tickets, especially at weekends or on holidays. Therefore, you may have lớn wait for a long time to lớn your turn if you come at the weekend or attempt lớn arrange to lớn come on normal days.

Address: 9 Halong Street, Bai Chay Ward, Halong City, quang đãng Ninh

Ticket price: the ticket is used for all activities & games in Queen Cable Car và Mystic Mountain

Adult or children over 1,4 meter: 350.000 VND per person Children from 1 meter lớn 1,4 meter: 250.000 VND per person

Opening hours:

Mon Fri: 14:00 am ~ 22:00 amSat Sun: 09:00 am ~ 22:00 am

8. Visit Bars & Clubs in Halong


After participating in a long day khổng lồ discover all Halong Bay, most tourists will be tired. It is time lớn ease up in vibrant music, with delicious dishes, beverages. It is the reason why more & more bars và clubs are opened in Halong. Lớn find good bars and clubs lớn have the best nightlife in Halong Bay, read the below to lớn know some renowned bars well recommended by tourists.

8.1. Tía Hang Bar

Ba Hang bar, the most particular bar in Tuan Chau Island, in particular, & Halong, in general, is a floating bar, located in tía Hang village, a small floating fish village in the center area of Halong Bay. The most impressive thing in tía Hang bar is its location, not on the land, inside the bay. It is very suitable for the one who loves the view as well as the cooling feel of Halong cất cánh nightlife. With a superb view of the bay, spending your night time on bố Hang bar will bring you unforgettable memories.

Address: Tuan Chau Island, Ha Long city, quang Ninh province

Opening hours: daily, from 17:00 am to 01:00 am

8.2. Karaoke đá quí Club

About the best nightlife in Halong Bay, the one that tourists cannot miss in order to lớn have an entire exciting night is going bar. And, of the most renowned bars, Karaoke kim cương Club is the best choice for tourists khổng lồ unwind at night. The popularity of Karaoke diamond comes from the passionate atmosphere created by dancers, music, and light & the high service chất lượng with a professional & attentive staff.

Address: Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Ha Long City, quang đãng Ninh Province, Vietnam

Opening hours: Daily open from 06:00 pm lớn 01:00 am

8.3. Captain Club

Coming to another club that is also well-liked by both tourists and the locals, Captain Club, tourists will get exciting experience khổng lồ have the best nightlife in Halong Bay. The club has its good reputation for the luxurious decoration as it is located inside Muong Thanh hotel to bring guests royal service experience, a high-quality sound system, and a row of delicious dishes, drinks served here.

Address: Muong Thanh Hotel, Ha Long City, quang Ninh Province, Vietnam

Opening hours: Daily xuất hiện from 08:00 pm to lớn 01:00 am

8.4. Halong View Club

Like other clubs in Ha Long city, Halong View Club also attracts tourists và the locals by vibrant pieces of music, passionate atmosphere, and dishes and beverages. The feature of the club comes from the way lớn decorate. The club’s interior is decorated according to the classical style like the first clubs in western countries.

Address: Tran bầu Tong Street, Yet Kieu District, Ha Long City, quang quẻ Ninh Province, Vietnam

Opening hours: Daily mở cửa from 06:00 pm to 00:00 am

8.5. La Plaza Bar & Lounge

La Plaza Bar và Lounge is a well-worth visiting place for you so as to have the best nightlife when visiting Halong Bay. The bar và lounge is housed within Halong Plaza Hotel, a khách sạn nearby Bai Chay Bridge with a beautiful view toward the bridge and the surrounding area from above. Besides vibrant pieces of music, tourists also may flow your soul with traditional Vietnamese pieces of music as well. The dishes and beverages are tasty, especially dishes from seafood with fresh & authentic taste.

Address: 8 Ha Long street, Bai Chay ward, Ha Long city, quang quẻ Ninh province, Vietnam