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Who is it for? OZ Naturals vitamin C Face Serum is for those looking for an affordable vitamin C serum.

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PRICERs. 180

How khổng lồ UseSerums are delivery systems for ingredients. Wash & pat skin dry. If using toner apply the toner first. Apply a small amount to lớn entire face neck và décolleté. Allow drying. Can be used daily & can be worn under makeup. Follow with an OZ Naturals moisturizer.

My Experience with OZ Naturals vitamin C Face Serum


It comes in a bottle with a dropper as most serums come forth with a dispenser lớn ease out the appreciation process. The instructions are clearly written on the bottle lớn facilitate any usage instruction if required. Two lớn three drops of this serum are enough to lớn moisturize the whole face. It has a formulation of 20% vi-ta-min C which is the highest amount of vi-ta-min c percentage. It also has hyaluronic acid, amino acid, green tea extract và organic jojoba oil which keeps your skin plump và helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The best part about this serum is that it is not greasy at all. It has a texture very close to lớn water và has potent & powerful ingredients for that extra benefit your skin craves for throughout the day. The second best thing about this serum is that it is 100% vegan và cruelty-free. I really hate using products tested on animals, so I was happy lớn know this.

Apart from the organic claims of this product, it is also very good option on the part of its performance arena. Firstly when I used this hàng hóa at night after cleansing my face thoroughly I could definitely notice a huge difference in the texture of my skin next morning. The results it gave to my skin just after one use is mind blowing. I use this facial serum as a preventative measure, lớn help delay the signs of aging or to minimize the damage that has already occurred, due to free radicals và a lack of hydration. This vitamin C facial serum is a very good choice to make your skin look rejuvenated & plump. Just by adding this serum lớn your skincare regimen you will bring ten years back khổng lồ your skin.

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PositivesCruelty-free.Organic Face Serum.Light texture.Doesn’t break out or irritate the skin.Adds a nice glow to lớn the skin.Powerful anti aging ingredients.Leaves no oily residue on the skin.Gives your skin a fuller and healthier look.NegativesOverly priced.Very dry skinned beauties may not enjoy the benefits of this serum so well.Will I Recommend và RepurchaseDefinitely, I’m in absolute love with this serum. Normal khổng lồ oily skinned beauties will definitely love this organic, skin brightening formulation.